Arab League recognizes failure in solving Syrian crisis

Recognized by the Arab League failed in solving the Syrian crisis after two years of the revolution, and attributed the failure to the Security Council because it «has not yet responsibility and witnessed a state of indecision unprecedented» He also said Arab League Secretary General Nabil Elaraby as expressed UN envoy Arab Lakhdar Brahimi hoped that the progress of the Arab summit in Doha, days after a solution to the crisis.

Arab said in a press conference with Brahimi after the end of their meeting in Cairo yesterday that the meeting dealt with the agenda of the summit, which includes a discussion of the Syrian crisis and the question of Palestine and the development of the Arab League and the economic file.

Arab and declared that «there is no progress in the Syrian crisis file» He described the meetings of the Syrian opposition in Istanbul as’ task and wait for what will pop them. He added that there is nothing specific from Russia nor the United States towards resolving the crisis, and said that one of the Syrian crisis moved to the Security Council since November (November 2011) and carry the responsibility for the deterioration of the situation in Syria, because it has witnessed a state of indecision is not unprecedented. He pointed out that the Security Council in his hand the key solution, while the university does not have the tools pressure on any party to stop the fighting, which officially demanding. He warned Brahimi the seriousness of the situation in Syria, and stressed his commitment to that solution would not only be politically and peacefully only, and said that the war would destroy Syria and fighting the current will only lead to more death and destruction, displacement and refugees will not come solution to the Syrian people.

Brahimi said that there are serious contacts at the international level and the parties concerned by the crisis, ‘and wait for the Arab summit to see what they can offer to resolve the Syrian crisis. I hope that develops what is going to talk about negotiations between the Syrian parties to something practical.

Yesterday chaired by Deputy Secretary-General of the League preparatory meeting for the joint conference between the University and the United Nations to help the Arab countries in the post-conflict phase to be held in Cairo in June next year.

The Secretary-General of the Arab League for Economic Affairs Mohammed Ibrahim Al-Tuwaijri at a press conference yesterday that the Doha summit will give priority to discuss the completion of a free trade zone, which issued a resolution of the Arab leaders at a summit in Riyadh for the completion of the end of the year.

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