Beida massacre and the bombing of the Banias

Banias after the bombing a “massacre” BeidaSyria, Damascus, Damascus International Airport, the Free Syrian Army, the Syrian army, government forces, the Syrian crisis, Damascus, Idlib, Banias
A Free Army fighters in the region of Sidi Mekdad, the Syrian capital Damascus
Banias after the bombing a “massacre” Beida
Hit neighborhoods in the city of Banias to bomb Friday afternoon, a day after the killing of more than 50 people in the village of al-Bayda, while it considered the Syrian opposition and the Syrian Observatory for Human Rights “massacre” of making government forces.The director of the Syrian Observatory for Human Rights Rami Abdel Rahman told Sky News that the Arab “massacre witnessed by Beida village near the city of Banias is the process of reprisals against civilians after the gunmen fled.”

Abdul Rahman added that the Banias witnessing “the process of displacement on a sectarian basis.”
Arrests in Beida Bbanyas village – archival

The clashes broke out Friday, in Beida village near the coastal city of Banias west of the country, which resulted in the deaths of the Syrian armies and free, where he killed 7 members of the government troops and 20 of the armed opposition, and the wounding of 60 fighters from both sides.

Dan and the National Coalition for the forces of the revolution and the Syrian opposition in a statement that “incidents amount to the crime of genocide,” adding that “Assad forces are directly responsible” for what happened.

He said the coalition said in a statement on his official page on Facebook that “this crime,” calls for “urgent intervention of the Security Council,” and urged “the Arab League and the United Nations to act fast to save civilians in Banias and other provinces of Syria.”

The head of the Revolutionary Council in Banias Anas Aarot said Thursday, in connection with the “Sky News Arabic” The Syrian army shelled the village of Beida artillery and mortar shells since the morning, in preparation for the entry of what he called “Shabiha” to the village before the execution of about 200 people, including entire families and burned their bodies , according to him.

Explosion in Damascus Airport
Shells landed at Damascus International Airport, on Friday, one of which hit a fuel tank, which led to explode, and wounded another one of the aircraft at the airport, according to Sky News reporter Arab.
Opposition talking about an explosion at Damascus International Airport

Local residents said living in towns near Damascus International Airport for “Sky News Arabia,” “The fire tremendous broke out in the early morning hours, seen from a distance of over 20 kilometers, although dozens of fire trucks headed from the capital, Damascus, to the airport which is about 25 km from the the city. ”

For his part, Syrian state television said that management at Damascus airport opened investigations to determine the causes of fire in kerosene depots at the airport, and firefighters controlled the blaze, TV confirmed that flights continued normally.

Clashes between the Turkish security and refugees

In Turkey, Sky News correspondent reported that a number of Arab youths attacked the Turkish camp for Syrian refugees in Kala Forms on the Turkish-Syrian border.

This comes a day after clashes witnessed the same city where Turkish security opened fire on a number of Syrian refugees attacked مخفرا the border of Turkey after Turkish officials refused to allow them to cross the border, killing a Turkish policeman and wounded several others.

Free announce the start of the battle of the “open cities”

On the ground, the Free Syrian Army announced the start of the battle of the “open cities” area Qalamun Rural Damascus, while experiencing Khirbet Ghazaleh in an attempt to shield intercepted by government forces.
Members of the military free in Azar brief Aleppo North

According to sources, the Arab Sky News that “government forces bombed the city with artillery Hula in Homs cause human damage and destruction of property.”

And exposed Medmah Sham in Damascus countryside and the city سرمين in Idleb countryside continuous shelling of the city, by government forces.

In Aleppo countryside free Syrian army launched an attack on government forces in the village of Malkiya according to opposition sources.

2 funeral of Hezbollah were killed in Syria

In Lebanon, the funeral of Lebanon’s Hezbollah, on Friday, two of the elements were killed in the fighting inside Syria, and the first funeral in the city of Baalbek in the Bekaa Valley and the second in the town of Arabsalim south Lebanon, according to Sky News reporter Arab.

According to opposition sources said government forces depend in some battles in Homs and Damascus on fighters of the elite in Hezbollah, while confirms the party that elements present in Syria are “Lebanese Shiites” residing in the border villages inside Syrian territory and defending themselves against opposition fighters

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